The new Gatorskins Zip Neck shirt for men is a great way to spend time out of doors and customize your shirt to the environment. This shirt shares all the benefits of our standard shirt, and more. It has a longer cut with handwarmer pockets, thumbhole sleeves and a zip turtle neck. The collar can be worn zipped up and close to the neck or open and laid down as a traditional collar. The thumbhole sleeves provide that extra warmth to the hands by keeping the shirt cuff down around your knuckles when utilized. This leaves your fingers exposed to pull bow strings, feel trigger pressure or manipulate powersports equipment. When it is not needed, just slip your thumbs out and slide the cuff up to your wrist. Our Zip Neck shirt is cut longer and can be used as an outer layer with ease. The handwarmer pockets provide a great place for keys, change or cold hands. As with our Crew Neck shirts, this shirt can be worn as a base layer, against the skin, for warmest protection, or, over a T shirt as a lightweight ‘wind break’, instead of a jacket. This wonderful shirt is lighter than paper, three times warmer than wool for it’s weight, wicks sweat, breaths out overheated air, is water repellent, and best of all – is 100% wind proof !!! Our distributors in Northern Europe sell this as an exclusive item for skiers in the Alps. If it works for them in the high mountain air, it will work for you.