The New Patented Design, EK1-115 EKLIPES™ Bike-2-Bike Plug-In 

    Universal Jumping Kit is like no other Jumper Cable System in the

     World! For the First time EVER, you can now Jump-Start one Motorcycle

     or Power Sport vehicle from another by Just plugging directly

     into the 2000 Amp Female BMW plug located on your EZ Jump 

    Start Battery Harnesses! (NO MORE ALLIGATOR CLIPS, NO MORE 


    This Package includes our New EK1-153 EKLIPES™ 2000 Amp

     EZ Jump-Start 12 Gauge Battery Harness with a 2 Ft wire length 

    an SAE Dual Pin Quick Connector and a Female BMW Style Plug

     (2 Battery Harnesses in 1), a 12 Gauge Jump Start Extension

     Cable with a 5 Ft wire length and Male BMW Style Plugs on each

     end, and 12 Gauge Alligator Clips with a 2 Ft wire length and

     a Female BMW Style Plug for the 12 Gauge Jump-Start Extension

     Cable to plug into (Just in-case the other vehicle does not yet

     have one of our EK1-153 EKLIPES™ 2000 Amp EZ Jump Start 

    Battery Harness on it). Waterproof Caps included.

    Plug # 1 on This Battery Harness is a 2000 Amp BMW Style Jump 

    Start Plug

    The Female BMW Style Jumper Plug is for easy access Jump 

    starting between any two Power Sports Vehicles. This 12 Gauge

     2000 Cranking Amp Jumper Cable Plug allows you to universally 

    connect one harness to another with our 5 Ft 12 Gauge Jump

     Start Extension Cable with Male BMW Style Plugs on each end.

    Plug # 2 on This Battery Harness is a SAE Dual Pin Quick 

    Connector Plug

    The SAE Dual Pin Quick Connector Plug is in-line with a 15 Amp

     Fuse Link to protect all your electronics and also works on 

    all our EKLIPES™ Electronics, Power Sockets and Power 

    Adapters, Motorcycle / Power Sport Battery Chargers, Compatible

     Heated Clothing.


    Package Contents

    •  Jump Start Connector Cable

    •  Alligator Clips

    •  2000 Amp EZ Jump-start 12 Volt Battery Harness